October 6, 2023

Get to Know More About Business Incubation House

The Business Incubation House in Kaliorang District, Kutai East Regency, East Kalimantan, is a facilitation and assistance activity in implementing the results of processed product processing innovations to selected MSMEs, processors and marketers.

Fishery and agricultural products produced by MSMEs are currently considered difficult to penetrate because the quality, quantity and continuity of production results are still unstable. Meanwhile, MSME production volume can still be optimised by increasing knowledge and capabilities in management, access to market information, capital, technology and human resources (HR).

To improve the ability of business actors, cooperation between various parties is needed, including the government, universities/research institutions, extension institutions, training institutions, and entrepreneurs/private sector, in this case CSR PT. Indexim Coalindo to provide direct services to business actors who are still weak.

This collaboration is in the form of improving the skills and knowledge of business actors, information services, market access, and mediation for capital access so that business actors are expected to become stronger, independent and reliable.

To support this increase, the strategy of the PPM program for the Fisheries and Agriculture CSR Sector of PT. Indexim Coalindo, in collaboration with Bina Swadaya Konsultan, carries out BUSINESS INCUBATION activities, the process of coaching and business assistance provided by the Incubator to tenants for a maximum of 2 years incubation period.

Business incubators are expected to manage a program designed to foster and accelerate the success of business development through a series of mentoring programs followed by partnership support/coaching other business elements to make the business a profitable business, having the right organisational and financial management, and becoming a sustainable business, until finally having a positive impact on society. 

The objectives of the implementation of the Fisheries and Agriculture Product Innovation Business Incubation House (Invapro) activities are as follows:

  1. Increase the knowledge and ability of tenants by fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and applying good business management patterns.
  2. Helping to accelerate the growth of independent fisheries and agricultural product processing and marketing business actors.
  3. Encouraging the growth of innovative and competitive processed fishery and agricultural products.
  4. Opening job opportunities in processing and marketing fishery and agricultural products to increase community income.

The function of the Development of the Fisheries and Agricultural Product Innovation Business Incubation House is as a place for technical consultation and business management, coaching and mentoring, training, internships and the process of strengthening mentoring for tenants so that they can become independent fisheries and agricultural MSMEs.

Meanwhile, in carrying out its functions, the duties of the Invapro Product Business Incubation House are:

  1. Assisting business actors in the processing and marketing fishery and agricultural products in business development activities.
  2. Provide technical consulting on production and business management to business actors.
  3. Provide technical guidance and technology transfer resulting from processed product innovation.
  4. Improve competence in technical and administrative aspects of fisheries and agricultural business to business actors.
  5. Facilitating business actors with marketing institutions, bank and non-bank financial institutions, and other institutions needed in business development.
  6. Helping business actors access business information on fisheries and agriculture businesses, funding, sources of raw materials, technology, markets, production facilities and infrastructure.

Compiled: Dwi PrayitnoTeam Leader PPM IC – BSK