October 6, 2023

Covid-19 Trend Increases, Keep Your Body’s Immunity with Forest Honey

The trend of suspected cases of the Covid-19 virus is currently increasing, for this reason, people are required to be more in implementing a healthy lifestyle and carrying out strict health protocols. In addition to implementing 3M health protocols, immunity or the immune system also needs to be improved. One way to increase our body’s immunity is to consume forest honey herbal products.

The current increase in the number of positive Covid-19 cases is allegedly happening because people are starting to let their guard down and ignore health protocols. This also coincides with weather conditions that enter the transition season which can make the body’s stamina go down.

Eating honey is one of the right and easy ways to strengthen your body’s immunity. With strong immunity, your body will be protected so that it can provide a sense of security in carrying out activities, of course, do not forget to also always apply the 3M health protocol.

Currently, there are many types of honey found in Indonesia, but one of the most popular ones consumed is forest honey. Forest honey is allegedly better than ordinary honey because of its richer and more natural content.

Lebah Apis dorsata. (foto: mediatani)

Forest honey is a type of honey produced by Apis dorsata bees living in forest areas. Apis dorsata honey bees are different from honey bees that are often encountered and maintained in apiaries in general. This is a large and wild forest honey bee that can only breed in subtropical and tropical regions, including Indonesia.

There are several differences between forest honey and ordinary honey. Honey lovers certainly realize that the price of forest honey is more expensive than ordinary honey.

This happens because forest honey is only produced from Apis dorsata bees, in contrast to ordinary honey obtained from farm bees of various species.

Forest honey is still difficult to cultivate because Apis dorsata bees prefer to live in high places and include bees that like to move places or migrants.

Forest honey is also referred to as organic honey because its living environment is still natural and free from pesticides. The taste of forest honey is obtained after forest bees take nectar from various plants in the forest so that the aroma and taste become richer and more complex.

This is what assumes that the benefits of forest honey which is generally blackish brown are better than ordinary honey.

Quoted from the sehatq.com page, here are some of the benefits of forest honey:

1. Forms increase stamina and immunity.

2. Increase appetite.

3. Nourish the skin.

4. Lowers blood pressure.

5. Improve cholesterol.

6. Heals wounds.

7. Help relieve cold cough.

ajeboh forest honey products (photo: Bina Swadaya Consultant dock)

Seeing the great efficacy and benefits of honey bees, Bina Swadaya Konsultan (BSK) contributes to preserving forest honey by driving the economy of the Baduy tribal community in Lebak Regency, Banten.

Honey from Gajeboh village/hamlet produced in the Baduy tribal forest is a natural area by maintaining noble traditions. Areas that are still natural and maintained the environment are believed to have an impact on the quality of pure and higher quality honey.

Together with Mang Ucal, one of the forest beekeepers from Gajeboh village, BSK is believed to be able to maintain and contribute to the welfare of the Baduy tribal community. Forest honey from the Baduy tribe has its uniqueness or local wisdom from sustainable harvesting methods and limited sales permits to a few people.

Sustainable harvesting itself is a harvesting system that only takes a portion of honey and leaves a small amount for saplings or 25% of the head of honey that must be left. This is done to maintain the sustainability of Baduy forest honey production.

Through this collaboration, every month Mang Ucal produces and sends more than 100 kilograms of honey to BSK. Furthermore, BSK through the social entrepreneurship unit conducts marketing by creating Madu Gajeboh branding.

Currently, Gajeboh honey can be enjoyed with variants of 3 packaging sizes, 250ml, 300ml, and 500ml. Gajeboh honey, native forest honey from the Baduy tribe can also be ordered by calling the following contact number/(WhatsApp): +62 857-7274-0901.