October 6, 2023

BSK Presents KSM Institution as a New Experience for Cattle Farmers

Collaboration of PT. Bhumi Jati Power (BJP) together with Bina Swadaya Konsultan (BSK) in BJP’s CSR program also provided new experiences in learning to manage institutions.

Ahmad Mufid, Chairman of the Bhumi Jaya Prosperous Livestock Non-Community Group (KSM) which was formed on December 26, 2019, admitted that since the KSM, he has benefited from the institutional training he underwent. Now, the 43-year-old man can lead approximately 20 members of the Non-Community Group (KSM).

“Since there is a group (KSM), we can exchange information. Because even though there has been training, sometimes there are those who have their principles that can be taken into consideration in managing cows, “said Mufid.

Quoted from the BJP’s CSR Bulletin, it was explained that, before KSM was established, it was known that there was no concern between farmers, such as communication that was rarely carried out to competition between farmers which made community relations tenuous.

According to him, technical matters that are poorly understood by members need to be studied together so that insights about livestock cultivation or about institutions (KSM) can be accepted by all members. During the mentoring of KSM Ternak Makmur Bhumi Jaya, Bina Swadaya Konsultan also strengthened institutions by providing several trainings such as group management capacity, financial management, and capital.

Met in a separate place, Sutarlan, one of the KSM members, considered that KSM and the story of puppetry have a strong connection.

“The difficulties faced by the group will be successfully overcome, if all sacrifice for the group, and there should be no someone who uses it for personal gain”, he explained.

“KSM members need to learn to have initiatives like Semar that can protect KSM,” he said.

In running the institution, KSM Ternak Makmur Bhumi Jaya always holds meetings every week to deliberate, make plans and evaluate the activities it will or has done so far.

Kasnasari, who is a member of KSM, revealed that meetings in KSM are an institutional process toward independence. According to him, the BJP’s collaboration with BSK will not last long, but the impact must be along with independence.

“What has been given by BJP and BSK is for good and progress, of course, we as beneficiaries must support. How the group should understand the forms of assistance contained in the program and which should be done independently and independently by the group”, he concluded.