October 6, 2023

Indigenous People Reveal How to Harvest Sustainable Honey from Baduy Forest.

The efficacy of forest honey is currently a choice for many alternative people in increasing immunity amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. This was also felt directly by Baduy forest honey farmer Mang Uncal, who revealed that the demand for forest honey increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. Native love from the Baduy forest is said to be Mang Uncal and is obtained through sustainable harvesting that still upholds local wisdom.

Mang Uncal, a honey farmer from Baduy.

So far, Baduy forest honey harvesting is known as a sustainable harvest that still maintains the sustainability of honey in the Baduy forest. Mang Uncal said 15 residents from Baduy assisted him in harvesting forest honey.

“Harvest by climbing a tree with honey and then light a little fire directed at the hive and see if there is honey. If not, look for another tree. Take the honey also a little bit, don’t finish the honey from the hive, because the bees will move if it is taken until it runs out, “said Mang Uncal in the Trubus Expo podcast some time ago.

As we all know, the Baduy area is divided into two inner Baduy and outer Baduy regions. The internal Baduy community is prohibited from marketing products, so Mang Uncal, as a community from outer Baduy, helps the inner Baduy community to market the original products of the Baduy forest.

Mang Uncal said the marketing of Baduy forest honey is carried out in collaboration with Bina Swadaya Konsultan (BSK). Every month Mang Uncal routinely sends honey to BSK for the later market.

Two types of honey are produced from Baduy, namely sweet honey and bitter honey. Bitter honey is on top of sweet honey but in the same hive. How to distinguish real and fake honey can be compared with a water mixture. If honey goes straight into the water, then the sugar content in the honey is small, and when the honey spreads, there is much sugar.

After approximately seven years of cooperation with BSK, the benefits felt by Mang Uncal are the increased income from honey sales because Mang Uncal can send honey up to 200 kilograms every month. And the hope is that mang Uncal distribution of honey as much as 200 kilograms can continue to run and increase.

Native honey from the Baduy forest in collaboration with Bina Swadaya Konsultan.

“Now those who take more honey, but for delivery to the office, don’t do much, at most 200 kilograms. I get the proceeds from selling advanced honey for farming capital and helping people. Thank you for being received at the office (honey),” he said.

Forest honey from Baduy is now a prima donna during the Covid-19 pandemic because of its extraordinary benefits. Consuming honey regularly is believed to increase body immunity.

On that occasion, Mang Uncal also recommended using honey when the body is not fit, namely consuming two times a day as much as 2-3 teaspoons mixed into warm water. Meanwhile, recommendations for a good way to store honey are at room temperature.

Currently, native forest honey from Gajeboh village, Baduy, can be enjoyed in 3 packaging sizes, 250ml, 300ml and 500ml. Gajeboh honey, native forest honey from the Baduy tribe, can also be ordered by calling the following contact number/(WhatsApp): +62 857-7274-0901.