October 6, 2023

BSK Trusted by the Ministry of Social Affairs to Accompany 109 KPM ProKUS Activities in the DKI Jakarta Area

Bina Swadaya Konsultan (BSK) is trusted by the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia as a business mentor by assisting 109 Beneficiary Families (KPM) in the Social Entrepreneurship Program (ProKUS) in the DKI Jakarta area.

The assistance, which was carried out for approximately 5 months in semester 2 of 2021, was considered successful because it provided experience and progress in the development of KPM in the DKI Jakarta area.

The assistance carried out by BSK includes KPM business mapping, packaging training, business licensing and product licensing, halal certification, making business Google maps and utilizing social media for promotion, motivating waste reduction and utilizing surrounding labor, product photos, and KPM registration to the Jakpreneur program.

Direktur Jenderal Pemberdayaan Sosial Kementerian Sosial RI, Edi Suharto

Director General of Social Empowerment of the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, Edi Suharto, in his remarks at the ProKUS Virtual Expo, welcomed the event organized by BSK.

“Thanks to the guidance from Bina Swadaya, a lot of progress has occurred for KPM. This cooperation is very good. We hope that in the future we can more intensely cooperate with Bina Swadaya to create empowerment models that can be applied by the existing platforms and budget models at the Ministry of Social Affairs,” he said.

Director of Bina Swadaya Konsultan, Frida Widuratmi on the same occasion also welcomed that ProKUS activities could run well.

“This activity is the second year in collaboration with BSK. This program aims to increase community empowerment through business assistance. Mentoring activities to KPM and achievements in this program encourage KPM’s efforts to be more productive and become the mainstay of their family income,” he explained in his remarks at the ProKUS Virtual Expo event.

One of the KPM who was present at that time, Umbar Solikah, a mackerel cracker food business owner, explained that BSK’s mentor was very helpful in obtaining halal certification on his products.

“Alhamdulillah, the process was also assisted by Mrs. Vince (BSK’s mentor), and from there many questions and forms had to be filled out. Starting from the manufacturing process, mapping the production site and the materials used are in accordance or not with halal products. The process yesterday I started from October, in December the halal certificate was issued and it was free,” he explained.

Pelatihan kemasan produk oleh mentor BSK kepada KPM di Jakarta Timur

Another KPM member, Tenri Solong, who participated in the activities of the Ministry of Social Affairs on Bangka island, revealed that he was grateful to be part of KPM ProKUS activities.

“There are so many experiences and stories that we can enjoy the benefits of. Especially on the way and sales there are sold out. Many KPMs have their packaging and we can learn from them,” he said.

The presence of BSK mentors in ProKUS activities was also felt directly by Nur Asiyah, a member of KPM who produces donuts, pastries, and bread businesses.

“There are so many benefits for my business, especially the maximum assistance from mentors. Face-to-face (assistance), with chat, responded well, if there are questions that are not understood from KPM, they are responded quickly, “he explained.

He also explained that the turnover per day can reach 15 to 20 dozen donuts. “If the number is 20 dozen, 700 thousand is dirty. Suppose the net is around 300 thousand per day. If the net profit has been cut by approximately 5 million per month, “he said.

This KPM mentoring process is a form of empowerment with the ultimate goal being that the efforts made by KPM can continue and provide benefits also to the surrounding community.

One of them is the effort shown by Isitikomah, one of the KPM with her husband Dariman, who produces bajaj hoods and seats to involve residents to help their production.

“To install and deliver I can ask for help from neighbors who don’t have jobs, help with fortune.  Including when shopping, I ask for help from friends who don’t have jobs to shop for production needs. The point is that I give wages, “he concluded.